foto: Ine Braat

There's something in a simple hug 
That always warms the heart; 
It welcomes us back home 
And makes it easier to part. 

A hug's a way to share the joy 
And sad times we go through, 
Or just a way for friends to say
They like you 'cause you're you. 

Hugs are meant for anyone 
For whom we really care,
From your grandma to your neighbour, 
Or a cuddly teddy bear. 

A hug is an amazing thing - 
It's just the perfect way 
To show the love we're feeling
But can't find the words to say. 

It's funny how a little hug 
Makes everyone feel good; 
In every place and language,
It's always understood. 

And hugs don't need new equipment,
Special batteries or parts -
Just open up your arms 
And open up your hearts. 

       ~~Jill Wolf ~~

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